Keratin & vitamin hair serum

The world's first vegan topical vitamin keratin hair serum in a
revolutionary capsule that gives you insanely silky hair with just a
simple application.

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  • Patented Keratin complex

    An important building block in the hair is keratin, which is a protein and grows about one centimeter a month.

  • For all hair types

    Myhairvitamins is suitable for all hair types, even on colored hair.

  • Never tested on animals

    We have never and will never test our products on animals.

  • Kind to the environment

    Our capsules are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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    "I have incredibly fine, fairly thin hair and this serum is the only one
    I have used that neither weighs down nor makes the hair look greasy.
    Used for a few months now and a little goes a long way.
    Always have
    damp hair and let it air dry and the hair becomes silky smooth and
    dries quickly and I avoid the freshness. Highly recommend! "

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    Have previously tested several different products but when I tested Myhairvitamins I immediately got a new favorite😍
    hair becomes incredibly soft, shiny and without frizz. Even though I
    have quite thick hair, only 1 capsule is needed and you get incredible
    results. 🤩
    One jar contains 30 capsules that are very easy to take 👍🏼

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    "Like so many others, I have ruined my hair through home bleaching,
    etc., and tried with most products to save it, but nothing has really
    But then I was tipped off about this and WOW, my hair has
    never before been so soft and shiny. This oil works wonders and several
    friends have asked me what kind of treatment I have done at the
    hairdresser, but everything is thanks to this oil. "